Hilton Magic

by Mumfordable

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Song about the Iowa State basketball team.

I am a former ISU student, and die-hard Cyclone basketball fan. This song is a tribute to the university's men's basketball team.

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Cyclone alley let me hear that Hilton magic, olley oop Mckay throw it down one handed
Cyclone alley let me hear that Hilton magic, Morris throws the lob that leaves the whole crowd standing

Verse 1:
Do you believe in magic? Not those slight of hand tricks, no not hats housing rabbits, the kind of magic that's ecstatic when we're down by ten and rally fans then sent into madness not quite March but the fact is we still know we'r e going dancing we run the break at every chance when our team makes them extra passes the defense doesn't know what happened big 12 repeating champions, Cyclones stole the throne from Kansas, Cy's my phoenix raised from ashes, a crash had made him vanish but now the top is where he landed, Phrom and Freddy yeah they planned it, niang the 3 he canned it, Mckay his dunk, emphatic, now the crowd is going manic, when were down we never panic, just another comeback classic, each time its so dramatic but the comebacks automatic and naz understand it I'm praying for your bad hips I still see your cyclone passion during every lull in action our team you don't abandon you play the role of captain and guide them with compassion and positive reactions

Chorus x2

Verse 2:
Hoiberg we still remember your name, I know without you our program just wouldn't be the same, you waved Hilton's wand and like magic things changed soon came Niang, fame, ames raised to a national stage, transferred Mckay, the flame became a regional craze, but phrom's aim is still to obtain national praise that's acclaimed and remembered for days, okay? so Morris, Nader, Thomas, Niang, Burton, Cooke, Long, and Mckay, let the magic enter your veins, and let it set ablaze each and every game until that fire can't be tamed and know each hardship overcame is one more victory gained hey let's take it back for a second back when Niang broke his foot and we stalled without his presence yeah that taste wasn't pleasant but that lesson didn't lessen his ambition rather it had beckoned, him to come back an all American veteran and our new secret weapon and now Kansas feels threatened we have delivered our message as tourney Champs in succession yeah it has to upset them that's past this is the present

Chorus x2

Sweeter than Caroline when Niang spins away and drives down the baseline

Chorus x2


released January 15, 2016
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Mumfordable Ames, Iowa

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